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How to Choose a Baby Name Based on Astrology (List of 174 Names)

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Baby Names Based on Astrology

Looking to the stars and focusing on astrology can be a great way to help you decide on the perfect name for your baby. And there is more than one way you can do this. For example, you can look to the common characteristics of their zodiac sign, or look up what letter is best to start the name with. However, we've decided to take a different route.

We've chosen to concentrate on the meaning behind the name in respect to things like the elements and colours related to each zodiac sign.

For example, if your baby's due date is between July 23rd and August 22nd (and they arrived on time!) they would be a Leo. So we would suggest baby names with meanings that are related to the element of Fire, the colours yellow, orange and gold, the symbol of the lion, and so on.

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Now there are only four elements across the twelve zodiac signs, so the list you will see below will have three astrological signs grouped with one element. That being said, we do also have a few individual suggestions to choose from as well!

The four elements are; Fire (which is Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), Water (which is Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio), Air (which is Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) and Earth (which is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

Note: A lot of meanings behind names can be conflicting. Some people say the meaning behind a certain name means one thing, and others say something completely different. However the meanings we have decided on come from the website Behind the Name. This website offers a huge list of meanings, origins, and more behind a wide range of names, and we believe this source to be the best choice.

We also received our research on the star signs from the Astrology Zodiac Signs website. There, you can find in-depth information on each of the twelve signs, including material on their elements, rulers and their qualities.

We really hope you find what you're looking for! Enjoy!

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

For the star signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, we've searched for names with meanings closely related to the element of Fire. The dates of these signs are March 21st to April 19th, July 23rd to August 22nd and November 22nd to December 21st.

  • Aodhán (M) meaning little fire
  • Albert (M) meaning noble and bright
  • Azar (M and F) meaning fire
  • Blaze (M)
  • Ember (F)
  • Lorcan (M) meaning little fierce one
  • Lucia (F) meaning light
  • Niamh (F) meaning bright
  • Nina (F) meaning fire
  • Phoebe (F) meaning bright, pure
  • Phoenix (M and F) from the immortal bird in Greek mythology
  • Ray (M) meaning beam of light
  • Robert (M) meaning bright fame
  • Roxana (F) meaning bright or dawn
  • Seraphina (F) meaning fiery ones
  • Shirley (F) meaning bright clearing
  • Volkan (M) meaning Volcano

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Aries: March 21st - April 19th

To get more specific with Aries, we have looked into the colour red, the planet Mars, and some typical traits such as courage and honesty.

  • Bernard (M) meaning bear and brave
  • Conrad (M) meaning brave counsel
  • Erol (M) meaning brave
  • Marcus (M) possibly derived from the Roman God Mars
  • Martin (M) comes from the Roman God Mars
  • Rory (M) meaning the red king
  • Russell (M) meaning little red one
  • Vera (F) meaning true
  • Veronica (F) meaning true image

Leo: July 23rd - August 22nd

Leos are little lions! So we've searched into the lion, the colours of gold, yellow and orange and their ruler, the Sun!

  • Ariel (M and F) meaning lion of God
  • Aslan (M) meaning lion
  • Kim (F) meaning gold
  • Leo (M) meaning lion
  • Leon (M) meaning lion
  • Leonard (M) meaning brave lion
  • Ruby (F) July birthstone
  • Samson (M) meaning sun
  • Sienna (F) meaning orange-red
  • Zlatan (M) meaning golden

Sagittarius: November 22nd - December 21st

Sagittarius babies can be very generous and amusing. Their colour is blue and their symbol is that of the bow and arrow.

  • Asena (F) meaning blue
  • Charity (F) meaning generous love
  • Karim (M) meaning generous, noble
  • Isaac (M) meaning he will laugh
  • Ivor (M) meaning bowand warrior
  • Miley (F) from the shortened nickname Smiley

Water: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

These zodiac signs are all under the element of Water. We've decided to search for meanings related to things like the ocean, rivers, and so on. The dates we'll be looking at for this category are February 19th to March 20th, June 21st to July 22nd and October 23rd to November 21st.

  • Douglas (M) meaning dark river
  • Gal (F) meaning wave
  • India (F) from the Indus River meaning body of trembling water, river
  • Kelvin (M) meaning narrow water
  • Kendall (F) meaning the river valley of Kent
  • Maya (F) meaning water
  • Moana (F) meaning ocean, deep sea
  • Morgan (M and F) possibly meaning sea circle
  • Rain (M and F)
  • River (M and F)
  • Rosa (F) which can mean dew
  • Rosemary (F) meaning dew of the sea
  • Talia (F) meaning near water or dew from God

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Pisces: February 19th - March 20th

These baby swimmers tend to be quite musical, while their colours are lilac, purple and violet.

  • Carmen (F) meaning song
  • Carol (F) meaning song
  • Daina (F) meaning song
  • Douglas (M) meaning dark river
  • Kai (M) can mean music of triumph
  • Lilac (F)
  • Melody (F)
  • Viola (F) meaning violet
  • Violet (F)
  • Wakana (F) meaning harmony, peace and play music
  • Yolanda (F) meaning violet

Cancer: June 21st - July 22nd

To focus more on babies born under the Cancer sign, we've curated this small list in relation to the colour white and the moon!

  • Fionn (M) meaning white, fair
  • Gwyneth (F) meaning white, fair, blessed
  • Helen (F) possibly meaning moon
  • Jericho (M) possibly meaning moon
  • Luna (F) meaning moon
  • Pearl (F) June birthstone
  • Rakesh (M) meaning lord of the full moon
  • Ruby (F) July birthstone
  • Selena (F) meaning moon

Scorpio: October 23rd - November 21st

Similar to Aries babies, Scorpios are usually very brave and link to the colour red. They're also a true friend and link to additional colours such as scarlet and rust.

  • Amika (F) meaning friendly
  • Buddy (M) meaning friend
  • Dakota (M and F) meaning allies, friend
  • Erwin (M) meaning army friend
  • Gerard (M) meaning spear and brave
  • Godwine (M) meaning friend of God
  • Oscar (M) possibly meaning deer friend
  • Philip (M) meaning friend of horses
  • Philomena (F) meaning friend and mind, strength
  • Richard (M) meaning brave ruler
  • Rossa (F) meaning red
  • Ruth (F) meaning friend
  • Scarlett (F) from the colour scarlet
  • Wendy (F) meaning friend

Baby Names Based on Astrology

Air: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

All star signs under this element feel the need to be free. We also consider words like breathing and sky. The dates for these signs are January 20th to February 18th, May 21st to June 20th and September 23rd to October 22nd.

  • Abel (M) meaning breath
  • Aria (F) meaning song, melody, air
  • Aura (F) meaning breeze
  • Azure (F) meaning sky blue
  • Ciel (M and F) meaning sky
  • Eve (F) meaning to breathe
  • Eva (F) variant of Eve
  • Keanu (M) meaning the cool breeze
  • Liberty (F) meaning free
  • Neil (M) possibly meaning champion or cloud
  • Noelani (F) meaning heavenly mist
  • Samir (M) meaning wind, air
  • Sky (M and F)
  • Storm (M and F)
  • Zephyr (M) meaning west wind

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Aquarius: January 20th - February 18th

These little water bearers are usually very smart and independent. They love fun and their colours are light blue and silver.

  • Allegra (F) meaning cheerful, lively
  • Hakim (M) meaning wise
  • Hugh (M) meaning heart, mind, spirit
  • Indie (F) short for independent
  • Maverick (M) meaning independent
  • Satomi (F) meaning intelligent and beautiful
  • Silver (M and F)
  • Sunita (F) meaning well conducted, wise

Gemini: May 21st - June 20th

The Gemini symbol is the twin, so if you're pregnant and this is your due date, there's a 99% chance of you having twins (Disclaimer: We're kidding… we think). These little ones tend to be curious and gentle, with their colour being yellow!

  • Caoimhe (F) meaning beautiful, gentle, kind
  • Clement (F) meaning merciful, gentle
  • Gareth (M) possibly meaning gentleness
  • Pearl (F) June birthstone
  • Thomas (M) meaning twin

Libra: September 23rd - October 22nd

Baby Libras are often peaceful and fair, with their symbol being the balancing scales. Their colours are pink and green.

  • Frederick (M) meaning peaceful ruler
  • Frida (F) meaning peace
  • Geoffrey (M) meaning peace
  • Godfrey (M) meaning peace of God
  • Irene (F) meaning peace
  • Kamala (F) meaning lotus or pale red
  • Midori (F) meaning green
  • Mira (F) can mean peace or world
  • Peace (F)
  • Serena (F) meaning clear, tranquil, serene
  • Serenity (F)
  • Wilfred (M) meaning desiring peace
  • Zola (F) meaning calm

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Newborns whose birthdays fall under the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are all part of the element of Earth. When we think of Earth, words like mountain, land and tree spring to mind in particular, so these will be the meanings of a lot of the names you're about to see! Dates under these star signs are April 20th to May 20th, August 23rd to September 22nd and December 22nd to January 19th.

  • Aaron (M) meaning high mountain
  • Abilene (F) meaning meadow, grassy area
  • Adam (M) possibly meaning earth
  • Alani (F) possibly meaning orange tree
  • Ashley (M and F) meaning ash tree clearing
  • Brian (M) possibly meaning hill
  • Brooklyn (M and F) from the Deutsch town Breukelen meaning broken land or marsh land
  • Bryn (M and F) meaning hill, mound
  • Chloe (F) meaning green shoot
  • Eartha (F) meaning earth
  • Eoghan (M) possibly meaning born from the yew tree
  • George (M) meaning earth worker
  • Indiana (F) meaning land of the Indians
  • Kalina (F) meaning viburnum tree
  • Lance (M) meaning land
  • Melia (F) meaning ash tree
  • Montana (F) meaning mountainous
  • Oliver (M) meaning olive tree
  • Olivier (M) meaning olive tree
  • Roland (M) meaning fame land
  • Sierra (F) meaning mountain range
  • Tara (F) meaning elevated place
  • Tyrone (M) meaning land of Eoghan
  • Vesa (F) meaning sprout, young tree

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Taurus: April 20th - May 20th

Like Libra, the colours for Taurus are pink and green. These little ones tend to be very patient and responsible, with the bull as their symbol.

  • Cornelius (M) possibly meaning horn
  • Fintan (M) possibly meaning white bull
  • Ida (F) meaning work, labour
  • Millicent (F) meaning work, labour and strong
  • Odhrán (M) meaning little pale green one
  • Patience (F)
  • Subira (F) meaning patience

Virgo: August 23rd - September 22nd

If your baby is a Virgo, they are very likely to be loyal and kind, while also being quite analytical and diligent. Their colours include grey and beige and their ruler is Mercury.

  • Amista (F) meaning loyalty
  • Curtis (M) meaning courteous
  • Hiroshi (M) meaning tolerant, generous
  • Ithel (M) meaning generous lord
  • Lloyd (M) meaning grey
  • Priyanka (F) meaning agreeable, amiable
  • Sadiq (M) meaning loyal, true

Capricorn: December 22nd - January 19th

Newborns under the sign of the Capricorn are often well disciplined and responsible. Their ruler is Saturn, and their colours are brown and black.

  • Aruna (M and F) meaning reddish brown, dawn
  • Blake (M) meaning black or pale
  • Duncan (M) meaning brown and battle
  • Li (M and F) meaning reason, logic
  • Melanie (F) meaning blackness, dark
  • Sophron (M) meaning self-controlled, sensible

We Hope this Helped!

So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed these baby name ideas, and hopefully we helped you find one for your own beautiful newborn! And remember, this is our own curated list - there's no right or wrong here. If you like the name Maya for your bundle of joy, but they're not a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, that's perfectly fine! These are just some ideas you can take on board for a bit of help. After all, just because your baby is a Taurus doesn't mean they can't be creative. These are simply guidelines to aid you in finding the perfect name! And if you can't find a name you like here, you could also check out our Baby Name Generator for some extra help. From there you can apply a wide range of filters and input your surname to see how it fits.